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virtual magic shows and Greetings

custom-recorded routines

October 2020 Pre-Recorded Custom Halloween Routine for a Toronto-Based B.I.A.

Virtual Magic Shows have been gaining in popularity since the summer of 2020.  MY virtual magic shows are always performed with a LOT of energy, a LOT of enthusiasm and a LOT of marvellous magic!  The birthday child (if a birthday) will take party in at least one effect, and the children will be involved as well, as I make my show as interactive as possible.  Also included are two eye-catching visual routines performed to music.  Comedy is an integral part of my shows - I love seeing everyone smiling and laughing!  I can perform my virtual shows for between 30 and 45 minutes (shorter shows are available as well, if you are limited for time).

The Marvellous Virtual CHRISTMAS Magic Show is ready to go and will thrill the children (and their parents) with a mixture of marvellous "traditional" magic and Christmas magic!

Make your child's birthday or other special celebration a MARVELLOUS one, and contact me today!

Bright blue old school video camera

Custom-Recorded Magic Routines are perfect for any event, promotion, or even a greeting!  The Marvellous Magician can customize a routine based on your requirements, and deliver a fun and energetic, comedy-magic routine for children/families.  The duration is up to you, however, most are approximately 5 minutes.  Please see my above video for an example of a Halloween routine I created for a Toronto-based business improvement association.  I also offer recorded magic video greeting cards that include two magic tricks and a greeting for the birthday child!

My customized routines can include: a special message, featured product, specific theme (holiday, birthday, etc.) or almost anything you'd like!

For a MARVELLOUS custom-recorded magic routine, contact me today!

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